Line improvement plan

"To help the growth of Felixstowe Port, Network Rail need to make improvements to the Felixstowe Branch Line, so it is able to run more freight trains.  This work will also help make the line more reliable for passengers travelling between Ipswich and Felixstowe and reduce the number of lorries travelling on the A14"
"Network Rail are planning to build an additional track and make changes to six level crossings in the Trimley area to allow up to 47 freight trains per day to operate"
"The construction of the addional track will help increase the capacity of the Felixstowe Branch Line.  However, more trains on this line may mean a greater risk to level crossing users in the Trimley area, so Network Rail intends to close the level crossings and replace them with new diversions including a bridleway bridge"

Three quotations are taken from the leaflets distributed at the public open exhibition held at the Trimley Sports and Social Club on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to respond to these plans and asked to submit comments to by 2nd December 2016.  This consultation is just the start of a long process of consultations and legal formalities that may lead to the works starting in 2018.

For the latest information on the plans visit -  from where you can download a copy of the plans (Indicative Permanent and Temporary Works Area) 

JANUARY 2017 NEWS - see latest news from Network Rail by clicking here (F.A.Q.)


For those readers, who are not able to visit the area in person, there follows a FTW photographic record of the key points of interest, taken this weekend (5th Nov. 2016) on a gentle walk cross country starting at Trimley Station and ending at Thorpe Lane level crossing.

Trimley station level crossing (proposed to remain open)





Cordys Lane at the start of the footpath to Keepers Cottage (will be upgraded to a Bridleway)




The footpath approaching Keepers Cottage (will be upgraded to a Bridleway)






The corner at Keepers Cottage looking north towards Keepers Lane level crossing






Keepers Lane level crossing (proposed closure)





View across the fields where a new bridleway will be created running from Keepers Lane level crossing (south side) towards Grimstone Hall cottages





Footpath scheduled to be upgraded to bridleway - looking back towards Keepers Lane level crossing





Gun Lane Level crossing (proposed closure)







Gun Lane level crossing looking in the direction of Ipswich to illustrate the bend in the line





Grimston Lane level crossing (proposed closure) with Thorpe Lane level crossing visible 120 yards away.





Thorpe Lane level crossing (proposed to remain open) with Grimston Lane level crossing visible 120 yards away 





Junction of Grimston Lane (to the left) and Thorpe Lane (to the right)