The Felixstowe to Ipswich branch line is operated by Greater Anglia (formerly known as Abellio Greater Anglia until 16th October 2016). It is a dedicated service at hourly intervals for most of the day. The timetable is based on meeting the trains to and from London. The route of 15 miles is covered in just 25 minutes with stops at Trimley, Derby Road (Ipswich) and Westerfield.


You will know that there are several public websites that publish full details of both local and national train timetables, so rather than attempt to replicate information freely available elsewhere we are limiting ourselves to giving the main "headline" information and recommending other sites for much more detail.

The most important times to remember are -

Felixstowe - trains to Ipswich depart at 28 minutes past the hour during the day and leave Ipswich for the return trip to Felixsowe at 58 minutes past the hour.

(Different times early in the morning and later in the evening. and at the weekends and Bank Holidays)

Trimley - trains to Ipswich depart at 31 minutes past the hour and to Felixstowe at 21 minutes past the hour

(Different times early in the morning and later in the evening, and at the weekends and Bank Holidays) 

For full information we recommend these websites-

National Rail Enquiries -

Greater Anglia -

or - 



Train - Photograph by Graham Newman

There are no ticket offices at Felixstowe Town Station or at intermediate stations. Felixstowe station has an automatic ticket machine (credit or debit card only - no cash payments), which issues all walk-on tickets to most UK destinations.  The Felixstowe line is a "No Penalty Fare" zone so passengers can board the train without a ticket.  Once on the train, tickets are sold by the conductor.

Railcard holders obtain 34% discount off most fares on production of their valid card to the Conductor.  A full range of tickets in advance can be purchased by contacting the Norwich Travel Centre on 0845 600 7245 or by visiting Ipswich Station.

WARNING! Ticket barriers are in place at Ipswich Station so it is wise to be in possession of a valid ticket on arrival at that station. There is often a delay in getting through the barriers if you end up having to buy your ticket there.

Useful contacts:

Lost Property 0845 600 7245 or email:

Greater Anglia Customer Services Contact Centre 0345 600 7245

Greater Anglia Disabled persons helpline 0345 028 2878

National Rail enquiries contact centre 0345 7 48 49 50 or website

Train Tracker: for up-to-the minute journey planning, with fare and ticket availability for today and beyond. Calls cost 10p a minute from a BT fixed 'phone. Charges from other operators may vary - 0871 200 49 50

Textphone service 0845 606 7245

Click here to view the Greater Anglia website to plan longer journeys, get fares and tickets and to book seats.

Your journey interests.

Felixstowe to Ipswich (15 miles)

Just four minutes after departing from Felixstowe, the first station you arrive at is Trimley. This station, although situated in the village of Trimley St. Mary serves both the villages of St. Mary and St. Martin. Take a look at the pretty station garden bordering the length of the ‘in use’ platform. This garden was resurrected by husband and wife volunteers several years ago and is maintained under the Station Adoption scheme. Some five minutes later, on the left hand side, spot the building which was once Orwell Station, erected primarily for Colonel Tomline, the man who built the line in 1877. His house was just ½ mile from this point.

The next station is Derby Road on the outskirts of Ipswich. This was once the terminus of Ipswich Tramways and brought many a resident here to board the train for Felixstowe seafront.

Just 2 minutes later we reach Spring Road Viaduct which is 80 feet hight and built with 80,000 bricks. As the train crosses it, one has a superb view of the town to the left.

With the arrival at Westerfield station just 5 minutes later we are back in the countryside again. Here we join the line from Lowestoft coming in from our right.

A fast run downhill to Ipswich now ensues, passing the marshalling yard on your left where container trains from and bound for Felixstowe Docks are positioned awaiting right of way.



Photograph by Bryan Frost

Ipswich to Felixstowe (15 miles)

Soon after leaving Ipswich, you will pass on your right the Marshalling Yard used by container trains to and from Felixstowe Docks where they stand awaiting right of way. The train then begins the steady climb out of Ipswich to the village of Westerfield, a distance of about 3 miles. Here, it forks right off the line to Lowestoft which it has shared so far, and heads back to Ipswich at a higher level to Derby Road on the outskirts of the town, a distance of about 2 miles. This was once the terminus of the Ipswich Tramways. This circuitous route is necessary to gain some 80 feet in height and adds 3 miles to the 12 miles road journey. Despite that, it takes only 25 minutes end to end.

The climb continues for about another half mile and then parallels the Felixstowe road. This is a long straight section of some 6 miles allowing the train to reach the line speed of 70 m.p.h. After some 10 minutes, the buildings in Trimley St. Martin appear on the left and, well before Trimley Station to your right, the cranes of the 1½ miles of quay of Felixstowe Docks, come into view.

The next station, Trimley, is well situated for the 1½ mile walk to Trimley Marshes, leased by Suffolk Wildlife Trust from the Port of Felixstowe. It is an exciting wetland reserve. At the entrance is the Information Centre. There are 3 Hides from which to watch the birdlife. There is no charge.

Immediately after leaving Trimley Station a ‘freight only’branch line leaves to your right taking container traffic to the Port of Felixstowe’s North terminal, some 1½ miles distant. A mile or so further on, another ‘goods only’ branch line diverges to the right leading to the Port’s South terminal. Our train continues on for another mile to Felixstowe Town Station. 150 yards away is the main shopping street, Hamilton Road, named after Lord Claud Hamilton, Chairman of the former Great Eastern Railway. The railway’s arrival in Felixstowe produced rapid development as a seaside resort. Hamilton Road leads straight to the cliff top, with clear views of shipping to and from Felixstowe and Harwich. The promenade offers walks in both directions, whether west past the well-equipped Leisure Centre to the amusements end, or east through the attractive Spa Gardens. There are various buses from outside the station to help the visitor onwards towards the Nature Reserve at Landguard (Route 77), to Old Felixstowe (Route 76) which is about a mile short of the delightful Felixstowe Ferry hamlet at the mouth of the River Deben.