Station Adopters is the name of the scheme started many years ago to encourage local volunteers to be the eyes and ears of the train operating company.  Initially station adopters reported defects and suggestions for improvements to their local stations, but over the years, the role had grown to so much more.

Within set guidelines, Adopters (either an individual or a group of people) now suggest and carry out improvements, most noticeably to plant and nurture flower tubs and planters or even quite large scale flower beds at stations.  Other ideas include, station "History Boards", Works of Art, notice boards and much more.

Station Adopters on the Felixstowe Branch Line are -

Derby Road - John Hatrick and Dennis Carpenter

Trimley -  Tom Hatrick

Felixstowe - Richard and Jenny Holland and 

If you are interested in taking part in this activity, in the first place contact the Website Editor ( or F.T.W. Chairman whose contact details are shown on the "About us" page of this website.


(This page last updated 14th April 2022)