About Us

Felixstowe Travel Watch is a voluntary organisation begun in 1972 to fight the perceived threat to close the Branch line. Since then, its role has broadened to promote the revival and greater use of public transport in our area. We do this in a number of ways, but chiefly by liaison with the managements of Greater Anglia , First Eastern Counties Buses and National Express Coaches regarding their timetables, routes, quality and frequency of services. We also maintain contact with Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council and Felixstowe Town Council to get their support to underwrite loss-making routes and to provide facilities such as bus shelters, direction signs and information boards to assist visitors to the town. We keep our members informed through three meetings a year (Spring, Autumn and Winter), issue three newsletters per year and organise a number of excursions throughout the year. We keep the public informed by publishing simplified bus/rail area timetables and distributing them free, writing regular reports for publication in the in local free papers, also by maintaining the Notice Boards at the Town Railway Station, the Solar shopping concourse and at the Library. We also maintain a notice board at Trimley Station.

We believe that the only way to counter the endless destruction of more and more of our countryside, the ever-increasing congestion in our towns and cities and the poisoning of the air we breathe, is to revive public transport and promote it vigorously. Whether you use public transport or just appreciate the need for it, we invite you to join Felixstowe Travel Watch.   Mambership is just £3.00 per year for individuals and £4.00 for family (plus £2.00 for postage if you live outside the Felixstowe/Trimley hand-delivery area).

Annual General Meeting 2017 - click here to read the Agenda and reports for the AGM. 


Chairman - Cllr Graham Newman ginservicesdu@ntlworld.com

Secretary - Margaret Morris  margaretamorris@hotmail.com

Membership Secretary - Jean Leitch jeanleitch@btinternet.com


Station Adopters  Station adoption has been a feature of the railway network in East Anglia for a number of years.  Its about local and personal pride and wanting to see your station take its rightful place as an important part of the local community.  From Greater Anglia (our Train Operating Company) perspective, the relationship with the station adopter volunteers is a vital element of the links to the communities served.  All three stations on our line have Station Adopters until just now (Jan. 2017) when Anne and Philip Jordan have moved away from the area.

Derby Road - Vacant - with many thanks to former Adopters Philip and Ann Jordan  

Trimley - Tom Hatrick - in succseeion to the former Adopters - Betty and John Woollan

Felixstowe - Richard Holland